Meditation Walk in Audubon Park

Today’s bike ride took me to yoga and then back home, this time through Audubon Park.  Today there were cyclists, runners, walkers, dog walkers, and in-line skaters.  Tons of folks are out and about in the park at 6:30 on a Sunday evening, especially when it tastes like fall.  My favorite part of the park is the oak tree.  These trees are enormous, stretching gnarled arms across the sky, dripping with Spanish moss.  They are truly beautiful.  Unfortunately many were lost during Katrina, and more were lost during Ike.  But today I felt most sad about those lost to the extension of the golf course from nine to eighteen holes.  I thought about this especially when I passed this arch marking the entrance to Meditation Walk.  Putting aside questions about who walks and meditates at the same time (though walking can certainly be relaxing and thoughtful), I wonder what used to lie beyond the arch.  Was there a path one used to be able to follow, through oak trees and moss?  Now there’s this golf course and people walk by, rather than through, Meditation Walk.  If I were a golfer I might like this change, but me?  I could have really used some meditation walking tonight.

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