Prospect 1 Sculpture at Tulane

Public Art at TulaneIt is Prospect New Orleans: P.1 time. This is a huge international art biennial taking place right here in NOLA. The cryptic P.1 yard signs started popping up up a month or two ago and the big opening night party drew crowds on November 1. Now it seems like wherever I ride my bike, I see Art (thank goodness!). Tulane’s campus is no exception. Sculptures are popping up on all the greenspaces. Today as I rode into campus I saw cranes and moving trucks unloading another one. It’s made riding to work even more enjoyable as every day it seems there’s something new to look at. Today I stopped to snap a photo of this staircase to the sky. New Orleans has lots of stairs to nowhere left after houses have fallen or been demolished. This sculpture reminded me of those. It’s impossible to reach the stairs, and even if one can climb them, they aren’t headed anywhere. Then you’re simply stuck at the top. There’s no good way to negotiate this particular staircase. But it surely can’t be ignored; it’s bright orange! Then again, I’m guessing I’ll stop seeing it, though, just the way so many people have lost the ability to see the continued violence of an abandoned New Orleans. This art made me think, and I’m looking forward to riding my bike past a whole lot more art that is open to interpretation and inspiring of thought.

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