Krewe of Thoth on St. Charles

Thoth Parade on St. CharlesYesterday was full of rain, but today?  Today was perfect.  The weather was crazy sunny and warm and humid.  I turned up some music and sped up St. Charles on my way to work.  It felt so good, my dress and sweater blowing in the breeze.  On my way home I just happened to run in to a parade!  The Krewe of Thoth was doing their annual visit to uptown nursing homes, and they just happened to speed by as I was turning out of Tulane’s campus and heading home.  Now, as is well known by people who know me and will become increasingly obvious to regular readers of this blog, I absolutely love a parade.  Especially one with presents.  This one was short and lacking in some of the things that make a really good parade–bands, dancing girls, marching, floats–but it had people in ridiculous outfits and Miller Light and beads.  So I stopped my bike, got out my camera, and juggled picture-taking and bead-catching.  One rider asked me how I could catch beads without paying full attention.  I just gestured to my bike.  It’s magic, I said.  He laughed, tossed me several strands as his fellow riders cheered my enthusiasm, and rode off.  I swung my schwag around my neck, hopped back on the bike, and sped home.  More parades on Friday!  I’ll be taking my bike.

One thought on “Krewe of Thoth on St. Charles

  1. OMG! A. and I were eating lunch outside to escape from conferences and we totally saw this. I thought it was a Krewe, but am glad to know that Thoth is out and about.

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