Flowering Tree on Constance

Flowery Tree on Constance StreetI’ve been taking a few days to recover from my long birthday ride in the heat (as well as the wee bit of drinking I did that night), so I have just been riding Rhoda around on errands for the past couple of days. But that’s what bikes are for–transportation wherever you happen to need to go–so it works for me. It is finally summer here, so even a short ride reduces a girl to a sweaty, sticky mess. Tonight’s ride took me over to K.’s for a malt beverage, a birthday present, and some porch sitting. I snapped this photo while rocking back and forth while K. had a cigarette and I sipped water. I love the trees here, and the flowers on this one were beautiful. The tree offers some privacy from the street, though I love the neighborly hellos you get when you sit outside here. I am tired and worn out and all I really want to do is sit on a porch and lazily sip the air (I quit smoking over three years ago, so that’s all that’s going in these lungs) while chatting aimlessly about nothing much. Yep, summertime is here.

2 thoughts on “Flowering Tree on Constance

  1. Hi QUIT friend. One of the things i miss a lot from South Texas is the flowering trees BUT with some keen observation I have discovered that there are many flowering trees here in Albuquerque too, plus now every kind of cactus if blooming too. It really is a sight to see as the dividers on the roads are planted with trees and cactus here and everything is blooming, including my RED NOSE from allergies!

    Enjoy your summer and enjoy the sweat! I saw a commercial on TV somewhere that hawks deodorants that wonderful perfumes are added to? Sweat with a designer smell? I guess so!


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