Bike Racks On Oak Street

Bike Rack on Oak StreetToday’s bike ride took me to my office to go through some boxes in search of books and then over to Oak Street for yoga class. Oak Street, according to my friend S., used to be hopping. A lot of commerce has now moved to Magazine Street, but Oak is attempting a renewal. The city started tearing up the street a couple of months ago, and the first couple of blocks are now open for business. It looks great. The asphalt is smooth and fast (I assess streets by ease of rolling, of course) and the sidewalks now have benches and these new-fangled bike racks, as seen here. Before they installed these, there was really no place to lock up a bike on this street. I remember riding over there for coffee and struggling to find a place to lock up my bike. I mean, there weren’t even sign poles or parking meters. And it did mitigate against rides over there. I ride my bike partly to avoid having to deal with a car. I mean, I don’t want to park! But if it’s going to be so hard to park a bike, then I might not bother riding either. I’m a fan of the new racks and the new Oak Street. When they get the rest of it paved, I’m there. I hope the businesses make it till then, though. After yoga I unlocked my bike and tooled home, in the rain, feeling, for the first time in a long time, just a little bit chilly. Yes, another good day, traveling by bike.

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