Abandoned City Hall Annex at Canal and Tonti

Abandoned City Hall Annex on Canal at TontiI was tired after a long day, but I couldn’t let this first cool(ish) evening go without getting out for a ride on the Surly. It was positively lovely out there. I headed over to Canal and rode over and along Bayou St. John, where lots of folks were out enjoying the cooler and drier air. I stopped and took this photo of the former City Hall annex building on Canal and Tonti. I pass this building regularly, but when I first saw it, it never occurred to me that it could be a city building. I mean, it’s boarded up and covered with graffiti, with that sign on the front that marks it as a hazard for firefighters. This summer a body was found inside. That’s scary stuff. This city is filled with abandoned buildings , and thousands of people are living in terrifically dangerous conditions inside these many condemned properties. The number of homeless here compared to the services available is simply scandalous. And this building, owned by the city, sits empty, except nothing’s ever really empty here.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned City Hall Annex at Canal and Tonti

  1. Actually, the city sold the building to a developer after the hurricane in 2006 and then the state announced plans to build the new state hospital and VA hospital in that area. Last I heard, the planned VA hospital footprint includes this site, so I think the developer is stuck with it until the Veterans Administration buys it.

  2. The former RTA head bought this building from the city for a very cheap price, and I hear he hiked up the price because he got insider info that they were going to build the hospital district in that area. Very New Orleans-y, sir.

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