The Vagina Monologues Closing Night at Tulane U.

I have to admit to a giant bonk today after a long weekend of excessive riding the new bike and the attendant excitement. Man, I was ti-red today, feeling hungover even though I haven’t (im)properly tied one on in quite a long time. The answer seemed to me to be water, lots and lots of water, so I spent my day sipping steadily out of my fancy new water bottle. This doesn’t mean, of course, that I stayed off the bike. I took the Surly out (sie was feeling a little left out…) to meet S. for coffee and bagels (well, a bagel–I got the last one, leaving her to the muffins) and then to another coffee shop to write that midterm and finish that syllabus. Then the fun began. I zipped down to the CBD to help out at this event honoring Karen Gadbois, longtime NOLA watchdog, and the staff of The Lens, a new investigative reporting outfit that’s doing some really, really amazing work. Keep your eyes peeled–this group is only going to get better, and boy, do we ever need them. I then rode back Uptown to see a bunch of my students in their production of the Vagina Monologues. I was running a little late, so despite my lazy legs, I pedaled fast and made it there in record time. But the thing with the bike is that once you get in the rhythm, you can just ride and ride and ride. I was in the rhythm and racing the streetcar while one of the passengers videotaped the ride. Once on campus I packed into the auditorium with over 200 other folks to watch my students and their peers put on  a great show. I snapped this photo at the end, as the director said her thanks. These ladies were most assuredly in their rhythm tonight too, and I was really proud of them. The day started a bit painfully, but a little time on the bike, some inspiring folks, and a whole lot of water, and it ended most pleasantly.

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