Tiny Cornfield at Upperline and North Prieur

Oh, it’s getting hot out there, people! Unlike lots of folks, I’m excited to get some real heat on. I love summertime, when everyone’s salty, clothes clinging like wet rags, sulking through the thick air. I took the Surly to work and had to be inside for much of the day, but I took the long way home. I rode around Broadmoor, humming this ridiculously catchy tune and enjoying the sunlight. I stopped to take this picture of the sun shining down on a tiny cornfield in front of a boarded-up house on N. Prieur and Upperline. It looks so out of place on this block, and especially in front of a house that looks at first glance to be abandoned. Behind this corn, on the main lawn, there’s a raised bed with greens neatly growing in rows. While I was taking this picture, the gardener came out, pulled what looked like a couple of beets from the dirt. There is little more pleasurable to me than seeing earth like this being used like that. Why are there lawns when you could grow produce? I continued my ride over to Bayou St. John, where three bright green parrots sprung off the lawn and flew in front of me and sailed to their perches in the trees. Oh, summertime! How I’ve missed you!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Cornfield at Upperline and North Prieur

  1. You’re right, the song is ridiculous, but it has a catchy tune and a beat that appeals to our native instincts.

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