Sunflowers at Baronne and Erato

Today was the last day of summer school–school’s out!–and I spent the afternoon bouncing around town, lunch with N., pinkberry with S., and racquetball with R. It felt good to get some sun on this most lovely day. I rode up Baronne  realizing it had actually been a week or two since this particular route in the daytime; I hoped those sunflowers over on Erato would still be in bloom. And they were. I like passing the same spots over and over again precisely, watching the seasons change. But I’m happy to give that ride up St. Charles to campus a rest and take some time to case the city rest of the city again. I got back on my bike and pedaled home. I passed the Muses development–it’s almost done. They’re putting in new palm trees and crape myrtles and opening a leasing office. I’ve been biking by there since it was just a cleared lot with a solitary metal staircase leading nowhere. I like riding the same places, but sometimes it’s also nice to take a little break. I won’t be riding around New Orleans for at least the next three days–I’m off to Cleveland for dearest L.’s wedding. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a way to bike a bit around some new-to-me streets.

One thought on “Sunflowers at Baronne and Erato

  1. It’s been a year now, Kate, and we’re thinking of how we grieved with you on this date in 2009. Somehow we drew strength from you that made his passing more bearable for us. RIP, MJ.

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