Harmony Oaks at Toledano and Willow

I took a couple days off the bike, so it was especially nice to get back on and go spinning about town today. I headed up to campus for a meeting and some libraries and got that first whiff of back-to-school–love it! But it’s still summertime, so this evening I got on the bike and headed to Mid-City to meet friends for dinner. I passed the new Harmony Oaks development starting at LaSalle. These developments have been under development since I moved here, but balloons are out and folks are moving in. The buildings are that cookie cutter suburban thing, in different pastel colors. I took this picture at the far reaches of Harmony Oaks, almost to Claiborne. This is a final row of buildings in their Tyvak wrap and the mound of dirt that’s been there long enough to grow its own lawn. The place is looking good, right? This was the Magnolia Projects, C.J. Peete, but it has been torn down and is being rebuilt. What isn’t obvious when looking at these shiny new buildings, though, are the many disrupted lives this redevelopment represents. People lived here. It took four years for them to be able to move home. But it’s not the same–in good ways, sure. Magnolia was an incredibly dangerous place with a crumbling infrastructure. But was also a place people lived, where neighbors supported and knew neighbors. And certainly not everyone‘s coming home here. So many people, not home.

One thought on “Harmony Oaks at Toledano and Willow

  1. Do the words, “Chavez Ravine” have meaning for you? People lived where Dodger Stadium sits today. Mixed feelings, for sure.

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