Sailboat on Lake Pontchartrain

A ridiculously hot–RealFeel(tm) 110 degrees!–and sticky summertime Saturday afternoon? Don’t mind if I do! I hopped on the Surly and headed to Mid-City for lovely brunch with A. I meant to go home afterward, get some work done, but I just kept pedaling. I just wanted to see the lake today. I headed up the Wisner bike path, snaking through patches of shade, and then up Lakeshore. I was so, so hot by the time I got there. There’s just no shade on the lakefront–all we’ve got are a few palm trees, held up against the wind by metal contraptions. I rolled up to a bench, took off my helmet, and was drenched in all the sweat the wind had kept at bay. I sprawled out, drank the rest of the (very warm) water from my water bottle, and watched this sailboat drift along, called up my pops to talk about how good it feels to have days just like this one. Afterward I biked along the lake and then sat in some air conditioning while rehydrating and reading a book. I took a different way home and when I got there, I hopped in the saltwater pool and floated, staring up at nothing but blue skies. Nope, can’t think of a way I’d rather spend a day in the life.

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