Plant Climbing a House in the Treme

Oh, it was sunny today. Cool and sunny. My final grades were due today, so I hopped on the Surly, put on a song, and headed to campus. I’ve been feeling a little off lately; I think I just needed a fast pedal in the sunshine and a little bike dancing. After cleaning up after the semester, I headed down to the Quarter, mostly just so I could ride my bike around. Continue reading

Sunshine at Prytania and Peniston

Sunshine at Prytania and PenistonIt was downright beautiful in New Orleans today.  And I mean beautiful.  I put on a short skirt, heels, and my helmet and sped off to work feeling like a little girl with no responsibilities.  At least, I felt like that until I got to the office and had to work.  But the ride home was even nicer, because I’ve got tomorrow off and a whole world to bike through.  I stopped to take this picture at the corner of Peniston and Prytania because it was exactly what a beautiful day here looks like to me.  Continue reading

Topiary Bull on St. Charles

Topiary on St. CharlesIt’s a stormy day here in New Orleans, but I made it to and from work on my bike before the downpours.  I stopped on my way home to snap a picture of this topiary bull in the yard of a fancy house at St. Charles and Arabella.  Continue reading