7 thoughts on “Rhoda

  1. I just discovered “What I saw….” Wonderful! I lived in N.O. and Pass Christian for sixty-five years before moving to California in March of 2005. It was a temporary move after retirement from Tulane, but made perminent by Katrina.

    • Hi, Don! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. I just moved here less than three years ago, but do indeed love it. I work at Tulane too. Perhaps when I’m 65, I’ll see you in the CA. I’m sending you good vibes from NOLA.

    • I used to ride with a guy named Don Genovese in Pass Christian, Mississippi but we lost track of each other before Hurricane Katrina. I think I may have found my riding buddy. Is that you, Don?

      • Hi, Mike! I’m afraid I’m not Don, but Kate. Alas. Let’s go for a ride sometime if you come back to visit!

  2. Just came across your blog. Have enjoyed reading about your bicycle excursions across the city. It’s wonderful. I lived in NO in the late 70’s and try to get back every year or so. My wife and I enjoy what we call urban hiking. When we were in NO last November we hiked from the canal street ferry landing up Canal and followed the street car line back to our b&b near Audubon Park. About 5 miles or so. We ventured into some of the Garden District neighborhoods off St. Charles on the route.

    When we next come to the city we’d like to do a similar hike but try wandering the streets below Magazine nearer the river all the way to Audubon Park from Canal Street. Possibly using Tchoupitoulas or Annunciation as main corridors that parallel the river but drift onto other streets nearby if the whim takes us.

    My question involves safety. I know that New Orleans has a patchwork of what are labelled unsafe neighborhoods juxtaposed with so called safe neighborhoods. Have you had any problems during your ventures? Do you have any advice regarding our possible route. Are there particular areas that may be considered “high risk”?

    Again, thanks for your wonderful blog. I hope many take your initiative and venture out into that wonderful city.

    May there be a miracle and the Saints win tomorrow.


  3. Aug 29,2010 , 5 years latter . on Sunday 10:00 a m . There will be a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Katrina Memorial. The Memorial will be open all day for receiving flowers. Joan

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