Aloha at Scores on Fallsway & Terminal Alley

I spend a lot of time riding up and down Fallsway. It’s like St. Charles in New Orleans–I know every bump and crack and bus stop and crosswalk likely to be overrun by cars unwilling to stop before pulling through to make their rights on red. The blocks change quickly here, and I always wonder how the tourists who booked their hotels in “Harbor East” feel when they see they are sharing their neighborhood with a literal prison industrial complex, a police garage, the biggest post office ever, and a number of homeless services centers; something tells me that part isn’t making it into the ads. Cities never represent themselves in any complexity, because that doesn’t pay. Continue reading

Beach Volleyballers at the Inner Harbor Along Key Highway

School starts tomorrow, which meant today was all meetings and convocating and welcoming back, and that usually means no time to ride my bicycle. But I want to ride my bicycle. I asked A. if I could ride Brompty to her place in Federal Hill and she could give us all a ride to campus–problem solved! Continue reading

Bike Lane on Center Between Fleet & Eastern

I spent the last couple of days at the Delaware shore with S., and although I brought Brompty with us, I mostly just sat myself down on the beach and stayed put, once the rain cleared. Today I was back at home gearing up for the first day of school on Wednesday. I’m sad to see summer end, but I’m happy to be getting back to a routine, even if it does leave less time for bicycling aimlessly about. Continue reading

Mayor’s Back To School Rally & Family Fun Festival Setting Up On North Ave. Between Calvert & Barclay

Today’s ride started early, up to the doctor’s office for some routine blood work, though for me that routine is a singular act of bravery–I’m not really crazy about needles. Then it was down the hill for a waffle while I worked, to treat myself for being so brave and all. Afterward, I zipped down the hill, made a quick stop at the gym, and then it was over to Central to ride up the “bike lane,” which is cobblestones and parking for that one auto body place. Sigh. Continue reading

Cat Parade on the Gwynns Falls Trail Behind BARCS in South Baltimore

I worked from home today before V. picked me up in her car for a trip down to the animal shelter–she’s getting a cat! I knew I’d want a way home by myself so she could head straight home to play with the new kitten, so I tossed Brompty in the back of her car for the ride downtown. The place was crowded with folks looking to adopt a dog or cat during the fee-free period, and we were there for a couple of hours before I had to take Brompty out of the car, unfold her, and hop on to head home. But first, a quick zip up the Gwynns Falls Trail. Continue reading

Lonely Bike Rack at Albemarle & E. Lafayette

And then sometimes you’re out for a ride, you want to stop at the fancy French pastry shop to get a little something special for your boo, you hit up the bike rack, and it looks like this, sacrificed to parking lots and street construction. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right? I pedaled on and right and snaked up the hill, getting impatient for cooler fall weather.

People’s Community Dental Center at 30th & Greenmount

Today was one of those days with a bunch of little errands that is made so much easier with a bike. Instead of driving to multiple places and hassling with parking, I just rode the bike, and I’m pretty sure it was faster. My last stop was the People’s Community Dental Center on 30th & Greenmount. Continue reading