FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims Office

FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims OfficeToday’s ride took me through the CBD and over toward Mid-City via Tulane Avenue. Tulane is only a couple streets uptown from Canal, but it feels so, so much different. Continue reading

Lot For Sale at Richard and Annunciation

Lot For Sale at Richard and AnnunciationToday’s ride took me to the coffee shop for some revising, planning, reading, and chatting. It was nice and warm out, and the ride home was delightful. I took Annunciation, and was surprised yet again at how different this city looks from just street to street. Continue reading

Produce Truck in the Marigny

Fruit Truck in the MarignyS. was out of town for a few days and (phew) wanted to meet early for coffee, book-talk, and writing, so I hopped on Jack and tooled down to the Marigny to meet her.  We sat outside at the cafe, sipping coffee (hers iced, mine hot) and worried about the state of thingsContinue reading

New Orleans Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery

Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital CemeteryThe weather was lovely this morning so i got up early and took a nice long bike ride.  A couple of days ago I drove out Canal with the baby sis in tow, looking for Lake Pontchartrain. I ended up in Old Metairie after taking a left, so today I decided to ride out Canal to see where I would have ended up if I’d taken that right.  Continue reading

Rain Puddles at Camp and Antonine

Puddles at Antonine and CampI woke up early this morning with biking on my mind.  After a short ride with the baby sister yesterday, I was itching for more.  I thought to myself, today let’s ride to the end of the levee.  So I hopped out of bed, threw on my new biking gear (thanks for sending prezzies, dad!), grabbed a banana, and headed out the door.  Continue reading

Beer Pong at the Fly

Beer Pong at the FlyMy little sister is in town, and that has meant more driving than I’m used to, but also the chance to take my family on some of my favorite routes.  I missed yesterday’s bicycle pub crawl (you know I wish I’d been there, Randy), but today I got to ride up Chestnut, around Audubon Park, and up on the Fly to see the Mississippi River.  Continue reading

Metal House at Laurel and Austerlitz

Metal House on Laurel StreetI was tired today, but I couldn’t help taking the bike out for a quick ride.  To a bike shop, of course.  That’s what reading books about bikes at the bookstore up the street will get you.  So I hopped on Jack and rode Uptown to meet up with K., who needed a new tire for her Surly Steamroller.  Continue reading

Balcony in the Treme

Treme BalconyOne of my very, very favorite things about New Orleans–and surely many places are like this–is how many ways there are to sit outside and watch stuff. Continue reading

Decaying Building at Pontchartrain Beach

Decaying Building at Pontchartrain BeachIt was another seventy degree day in New Orleans, and I got up early enough to get a nice long ride in before my night class.  Jack and I rode out Elysian Fields, because Googlemaps said there’d be an amusement park at the end.  Continue reading

Annunciation Center Park at Race Street

Park at Annunciation and RaceThe weather in New Orleans this week has been positively sick. I mean, check out the sky in this picture. Yep, that’s the color of the sky in late May in New Orleans. I took Jack out for a short ride this afternoon after a positively lovely day writing, reading, swimming, and yoga. Continue reading