Blue Skies Over Lake Pontchartrain

I woke up kind of anxious, so after much hemming and hawing and reading the paper and about Malcolm X and eating a bagel, I remembered that what I really needed was a bicycle ride. I rode up Baronne, wondered if next time I ride it that pool will be in at the Y on Dryades, took St. Charles the rest of the way to Tulane, wondered if next time I ride it that gravel pit will be asphalt, and back and around to Carrollton, wondered if they will ever actually finish whatever they’re doing on Earhart. Continue reading

Stories About Racism at the Race Exhibit at the Old U.S. Mint in the French Quarter


I woke up uncharacteristically early this morning, so even after fussing around for a couple of hours, I managed to catch much of the morning session of the Danziger Bridge case. I hopped on my bike and headed down to the courthouse, locking up to the Where Ya’ Rack bike rack in Lafayette Square–thanks, YLC! The last witness before lunch was Ignatius Hill, a cop who was on the Budget rental truck that carried the cops and their guns to the bridge that morning of August 6, 2005.

Continue reading

Cloudy Skies Over Lake Pontchartrain

Yesterday’s attempt to get a bike ride in to change the mood was foiled by rain, but today, after getting some writing done at home,  some grading done at the coffee shoppe, and a scoop of ice cream, I got on the bike and headed out for a ride. Continue reading

No Swimming Signs in Lake Pontchartrain at Lakeshore & Leon C. Simon

The weather was absolutely ridiculous today so after a morning at home with my book, I got on my bike, stopped in the Quarter for a margarita and a burrito, and then headed out toward Lake Pontchartrain to see what it looks like when a lake rises several feet because the river is flooding. Continue reading

Blue Sky & Clouds Over Lake Pontchartrain

Today was my last day of classes for the semester, and in the fall, I’ll be teaching somewhere else. It all felt rather bittersweet. I have loved teaching at Tulane. I enjoy the students, my colleagues, the Take Your Professor to Lunch program (I’ve been eating with charming students on the college’s dime for weeks now), Doug in Media Services, the two way mirror separating me from R. in our basement offices inside the old children’s anxiety clinic (no, really–it’s nice down there (that’s what she said)), and all the campus cats. Fortunately, I get to teach summer school, so I’ll be eased out slowly. Continue reading

Blighted Building at Bernadotte & Baudin

I spent the day working from home on the endless revisions of this endless article, and after a lovely chat with the lovely R. who stopped by to recount yesterday’s victorious master’s thesis defense–yay!–it was time to take the bike out. I headed toward the lake ISO pelicans on this perfectly sunny spring day. I needlessly worry sometimes that that 20 mile loop will ever get old, so today I took a left after I rolled off the Jeff Davis overpass and rode around Mid-City for a bit, figuring I’d end up at the lake at some point. Continue reading

Birds in a Tree at Lake Pontchartrain

Five years ago I quit smoking. The first three months were terrible–lots of crying and worrying that I’d be logged on to my support site for the rest of my life and feeling like I’d accomplished some amazing feat by managing to wait 40 minutes for an oil change–how do nonsmokers wait? That seems like a zillion years ago. Continue reading