One More To Go Graffiti on Burgundy Near Conti

You’ll have to pardon the next zillion blog entries. All will begin with a report on how truly fantastically beautiful the weather is for bike riding down here. Today, for example, it was just so lovely out–70s, blue sky, light breeze, and then a cool evening. I took the Surly down to the Marigny to meet B. for coffee and grading and then rode over to the gym for some weight training and snoozing in the steam room, because it’s spring break. Continue reading

Surly LHT and Friend at Magazine and Gravier

**Warning: this blog post is just about bikes.**

So I’m back in New Orleans from my mini bicycling vacation, but I’m already scheming my next trip out of town with the Surly (Longleaf Trace, here I come!). I had such a lovely time just hanging out on that bike, and today I went shopping and treated us both to a new saddle that I hope will make those hours on the bike even lovelier. Continue reading

Dilapidated Mobile Home in Lacombe, LA

Today was the last day of my mini vacation, but there was still plenty of time to get another bike ride in. D. threw her fancy bike in her fancy car and drove up to meet me in Lacombe for a ride out to Slidell, lunch and basketball (Go State!), and then back to the cars. Before she got there, though, I did some tooling around the bayou and off the bike path to get a bit more of a sense of this little town. Continue reading

Blighted Tin House on the St. Tammany Trace

Oh, I had a most lovely day on my bicycle. I got up early and drove myself and the Surly to Lacombe and rode up the St. Tammany Trace to Abita Springs. On my way I saw lots of other folks on bikes, a few runners, some walkers, and a kid on a scooter. The sky was perfectly blue and the sun was bright, and I just pedaled and pedaled and pedaled, listening alternately to birds and music. Such a nice way to spend the day! Continue reading

Cabins and Trees at Fontainebleau State Park

It’s spring break and today I took the Surly to the north shore for a little weekend vacation, just the two of us. After biking to and from campus for some quick work, I loaded us into the car, checked into the hotel (thank you, Southern Repertory Theater Backstage Bash Silent Auction!), and then headed back out to bike around Fontainebleau State Park. Continue reading

Buffet Line at Tulane’s 1834 Club

I finally feel significantly better today after dealing with days and days of strep throat and the resulting cough and shortness of breath. This is usually the time when I’ll excitedly go out for a long bike ride, but I decided to take it easy today so that maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get better for good. I took the Surly up to campus for work and then back home, a little disappointed by the cloudy sky. Continue reading

Rebuilding at Clara and General Taylor

Today started out cold but ended up sunny and even a tiny bit warm, which meant a much better mood for my commute home than to campus. I pedaled slowly, still working on catching my breath from this stupid cold. As I rode, I thought about the past week and a half or so of the Patois Film Fest. Continue reading

Ghost of an Old Building at Oretha Castle Haley and Terpsichore

Yep, still under the weather, but I’ve decided to pretend I’m not sick so I can go back outside and play. I know, I know…that’s no way to get genuinely better, I’m just prolonging the sickness, etc. etc. etc. What can I say–I’m a terrible patient. So after a day spent reading rather devastating legal cases about transexuals in prison, I hopped on Maxx EFX and rode down to Zeitgeist to catch another film in the Patois Film Fest. Continue reading

Broken Toilet at 6th and Lasalle

Ok, so I probably should have staying in tonight, but I am constitutionally unable to sit on my couch and stare at the TV. I used to be able to do that just fine, but no more; I blame bikes and New Orleans weather. So I took the speedy new bike–currently know around the house as “Maxx EFX”–down to Zeitgeist for a screening of the great movie Salt of This Sea as part of the Patois Film Festival. Continue reading

Debris at an Empty Lot at St. Charles and Louisiana

I’m totally sick. I hate being sick. I will fight admitting it to the end. But my throat hurts and I’m achy and a simple ride to campus left me out of breath. So after class I rode straight home and got on the couch and promised myself I’d stay here until I actually feel better, not just until I wish I felt better. (I’m a terrible patient.) Continue reading