Thunderstorms in Uptown

My dear friend S. is leaving in the morning, and I am so very sad. S. is the kind of friend you think only people on TV get to have–you know, the kind who see the world just as you do, except when they don’t, in which case they let you see something entirely differently. Now that is a gift. Continue reading

The Van Benthuysen-Elms Mansion on St. Charles

After taking the day off from riding yesterday (I was sore from chasing the streetcar up St. Charles the previous evening), I was itching to get on the bike today.  Continue reading

Sunday on Bourbon Street

I had a truly lovely day today; surprisingly, I had it in a car. A convertible, that is. A. was kind enough to drive us several hours south to Avery Island, Louisiana, and the rush of wind far exceeded any I am able to work up on my bicycle. Continue reading