Beignets and Cafe au Lait at Cafe du Monde

It was another sunny and warm(ish) day in New Orleans, perfect for another ride on the bike. Today I headed up to the office to print stuff out and make copies and get my mind set for back-to-school on Monday. And then it was time for the Saints. I raced to the grocery to pick up snacks and then biked down to the Treme for a viewing party. Continue reading

Grabbing for Beads at the NFL Kickoff Parade at Poydras & Tchoupitoulas

What a weird day! I rode my bike to campus for a little of this and a little of that and lunch with a friend. By the time we were done eating, the sky had opened up and was dumping 2.5 inches of rain on Uptown. It was crazy! I hitched a ride back to school and waited it out before fetching my bike and heading downtown. I don’t know if you heard, but there was a football game tonight. I was going to avoid the pregame parade, still haunted by the visceral memory of the outrageous crowds at the last Saints parade, but come on, it’s a parade! Can’t miss a parade. Continue reading

Ferns Growing on a Building at S. Peters and St. Joseph

I finished up a project I’ve been working on for some months today, so as a reward, I gave myself the afternoon to ride my bike around, drop into a National Park Visitor’s Center–you know, the usual Friday afternoon of a National Park/bicycle obsessed academic. I put my passport in my pannier and thought to toss a poncho in there, just in case. Well, I made it to the Pontchartrain Expressway underpass when the sky just opened up. Sigh. I waited for awhile underneath the expressway, hoping it was one of those momentary summer thunderstorms. I impatiently put on my bright yellow poncho, thinking I could make it to the Quarter, but man, that kind of rain, when you wear glasses? Impossible. I hung out under an overhang for awhile longer until suddenly the rain was just gone. Weather in this place is nuts. I continued on my way and took a left at N. Peters to shoot down to Decatur. I stopped to take a picture of this white brick building on the corner of N. Peters and St. Joseph. You can’t tell in this picture, but there’s a veritable waterfall streaming from the top of the building where pipes are funneling water away from the rooftop. Continue reading

610 Stompers at Saints 12th Man Fan Appreciation Party at Harrah’s

Oh, it was a beautiful day today. By force of habit I grabbed a jacket before heading out to work, but I didn’t need it. In fact, by the time I finished a busy day of teaching, meeting with students, and making copies, I was riding home in just a tank top, the sun heating up my back. Oh, man. I love that feeling. Continue reading

Crowds Gathering at Canal and Burgundy for the Saints Parade

Why yes, we’re having a parade today! Today’s rolled in honor of the New Orlean’s Saints, and this town was seriously excited. Schools closed early, shops and businesses shut down, and people gathered. Now, I wisely took my bicycle, aware that there’d be nowhere to put a car and long, long streetcar waits, plus, of course, that’s just how I travel. Continue reading

Chickens and a Rooster on Peniston Near S. Saratoga

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Saints won the Super Bowl. The streets were quiet as I headed off to work this morning, but just being out there, I could still smell the good cheer in the air. My classes were sparsely attended, and the movie we watched was just about as much as I think any of us could take; celebrating is exhausting! Continue reading

Saints Fans Celebrating on Decatur Street

The Saints flipping won the Super Bowl. Everything’s gone crazy, in good ways. I woke up this morning already overwhelmed–parades, tailgating, the Saints in the Super Bowl–too much, really. I don’t yet have the coping skills necessary for that constant level of excitement. Cope by bike, I say. Continue reading