Houses Along Audubon Park in Uptown

House on Audubon ParkI spent the day on my bicycle on a long task ride–a visit to the Registrar’s office, lunch with B., the bike shop for a new tube, the grocery for potatoes and other sundries, Human Resources to talk retirement plans. Yep, an exciting day for Rhoda and I! Continue reading

Michael Jackson Memorial Dance Party in the Marigny

MJ Tribute at Mimi's in the MarignyToday was a task-ride kind of day. I rode my bike over to K.’s in the morning so we could go shop for party supplies for my late-late-late birthday party. Afterwards, I rode down to the Quarter to pick up some things I’d forgotten at the place I was apartment sitting. Continue reading

Sidewalk Tiles On Ursulines

Sidewalk Tiles at 615 UrsulinesMy sweet aunties E. and J. are in town visiting, and I’ve ceded my place to them and taken up residence in the French Quarter. Now, to me the Quarter is a neighborhood to ride through on my way to friends’ places in the Treme or Mid-City or on my way to the Marigny or Bywater for coffee and drinks. Continue reading

Pothole Repair at Magazine and Philip

Pothole Repair at Magazine and FirstToday was a good day on my bike. Yesterday felt a bit sluggish, and I felt a bit lazy. But today’s ride was one of those rides that make me feel like a little kid, racing along on my bicycle, skirt flying. Continue reading

Tall Grass at Rayne Memorial Church

Tall Grass at Rayne Memorial ChurchI was out of town for a few days, in the beautiful Mississippi delta, where I didn’t bike. Or walk. Or do much of anything other than float aimlessly in a pool in the middle of nowhere. It was lovely, but I was happy to get back home and back to work. And back to my bike. Continue reading

Flowering Tree on Constance

Flowery Tree on Constance StreetI’ve been taking a few days to recover from my long birthday ride in the heat (as well as the wee bit of drinking I did that night), so I have just been riding Rhoda around on errands for the past couple of days. But that’s what bikes are for–transportation wherever you happen to need to go–so it works for me. Continue reading

Domino Sugar Refinery in Chalmette

Domino Sugar Refinery in ChalmetteI woke up to birthday phone calls and an empty day stretched out before me.  Yes, it was time for a bike ride. I decided to take Jack out for a tour, wherever she chose to go. We rode down to the Bywater for lunch and the over to the Lower 9th to stop by Fats Domino’s house. Continue reading

Palm Tree at Harrah’s

Palm Tree at Harrah'sI waited all day for midnight to roll around, because that meant it was my birthday, one of my very favorite days of the year, even if I do have to share it with my twin sister. Some people hate their birthdays, hate getting older, hate something, I don’t know what. Me? I love it. Continue reading

Balcony at Bourbon and St. Ann

Balcony at Bourbon and St. AnnYeah, it’s summertime in New Orleans.  It’s hot.  I rode my bike down to the Quarter this afternoon for the Creole Tomato/Zydeco/Louisiana Seafood Festivals, and I really felt that humid heat, and I was, how shall we say, glistening.  You’ve really just got to give in to the sweat here.  Everybody’s sweating and we’re all basically wearing wet t-shirts all the time; there’s no use in fighting it.  Riding a bike, though, does create a tiny bit of a breeze to offset the heat, but ultimately it’s a losing battle.  I spent part of the fests sipping ice water inside a cool bar, but then I was itching to join the crowds.  It didn’t cool off much as the sun went down, but again, the bars are kept frigid around here.  A. and I went to see a show at a club where it was so cold, we were getting goosebumps.  We stepped out on this balcony to warm up a bit.  I stepped outside and my glasses fogged up almost immediately.  The air was thick and heavy.   It felt good to chew that air from up there, looking down at Bourbon Street in all its sweaty glory.  Then I rode home, slowly, stopping for ice cream on the way.  Yes, it was another hot Saturday in New Orleans.

John Minor Wisdom US Court of Appeals

John Minor Wisdom US Court of AppealsI spent my Thursday doing usual Thursday things and expected to spend my evening at home,  watching the game, heading to bed early.  But that’s not quite how things happened.  Some friends let me in on a little secret–free fruity mojitos for ladiez!  Works for me. Continue reading