House at Constance and Pleasant

House Rebuilding at Pleasant and ConstanceIt wasn’t much of a day for bike riding for me.  I was just so, so tired today, and I think my legs were begging for a bit of a break.  So I gave it to them, mostly, and just took the bike out to run a few errands.  On my way back from the post box and to the grocery, I stopped to snap a picture of this house at the corner of Constance and Pleasant.  Continue reading

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue at Mimi’s in the Marigny

Gal Holiday and the Honkeytonk Revue at Mimi's in the MarignyI love to dance.  No, I really, really love to dance.  If you know me, you know I’m telling the truth.  So when M. put out the call to meet at the bar for Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue, I was in.  Continue reading

Center for Public Service Showcase at Banneker Elementary

Benjamin Banneker Elementary SchoolToday was the last day of school, and it was bittersweet.  I’m happy for summer–time to get my research and writing done, ride my bike, dance outside, and swimswimswim.  At the same time, I had some really outstanding students this term, and I’m sad to say goodbye to them, especially the graduating seniors.  Continue reading

Hornets V. Nuggets at the New Orleans Arena

Hornets v Nuggets at the ArenaSometimes wonderful things fall in to your lap.  Today, it was floor seats under the basket to the Hornets/Nuggets playoff game tonight.  D. called asking if N. and I might want to accompany her.  Um…yeah!  Continue reading

Free Vegetarian Dinner! at the Hare Krishna House on Esplanade

Free Vegetarian Dinner!It’s Jazz Fest weekend, something one can’t fail to notice here in New Orleans.  I spent yesterday at the fest in Lafayette and today recovering.  But when folks were gathering on a porch in Mid-City this evening, I decided to hop on my bike and head over there to watch the crowds stumble home and hear tales of festing from my friends.  Continue reading

USCT Graves at Chalmette National Cemetery

Chalmette National CemeteryJazz Fest is here in New Orleans, and the weather just couldn’t be better for it. I’m not going this weekend, opting instead for the more affordable and more my speed Festival International Louisiane in Lafayette. Before heading off for music galore, though, I decided to take a day riding around this beautiful town, away from crowds. Continue reading

Easter House at Burdette and Willow

Easter House at Burdette and WillowI actually thought I might miss riding my bike today, due to some timing problems on my end, but fortunately K. called after her ride on the levee looking for company while she ate her dinner.  I hopped on Rhoda and headed to her neighborhood.  Continue reading

Drawbridge Over the Industrial Canal at St. Claude

Drawbridge at the Industrial CanalYep, another beautiful day in New Orleans, as evidenced by the sky in this picture. I decided to take an easy ride today, as I’m a little sore from the past week of near-constant riding. After work I took Jack down to the Marigny to do a little writing at the coffee shop. Then we tooled over to a bar for the infamous Tater Tachos (nachos, but with tater tots instead of chips) and a beer. I was going to head home, but as the sun started to wane, just a little bit, it was a touch cooler and I decided to zip up the St. Claude bike lane over to the Lower Ninth. Continue reading

Heron Nest Building in Audubon Park

Herons Building Nests in Audubon ParkI read myself to sleep last night with a bike repair book, so woke up with an urgent need to clean and maintain my bikes.  Rhoda’s chain has been skipping a lot lately, and even the pedaling has felt off.  So I treated her to a new chain, and she feels so, so much better.  After riding to and from work I decided to meet K. to take Jack out for a spin on the levee.  Continue reading

Blue Sky in the Marigny

Blue Sky in the MarignyI got a new digital camera.  Mine went missing back on Valentine’s Day, off to share the love with someone else, I presume.  I finally saved enough to get a new one and was excited to take it out for a spin on the bike today.  Rhoda and I rode to work today, and the sky was so, so blue.  It is impossible to stop  smiling when spinning up  St. Charles on days like this.  Continue reading