Sailboat on Lake Pontchartrain

A ridiculously hot–RealFeel(tm) 110 degrees!–and sticky summertime Saturday afternoon? Don’t mind if I do! I hopped on the Surly and headed to Mid-City for lovely brunch with A. I meant to go home afterward, get some work done, but I just kept pedaling. I just wanted to see the lake today. I headed up the Wisner bike path, snaking through patches of shade, and then up Lakeshore. Continue reading

Artists at VOTE Kick Off at Resurrection After Exoneration

It was another beautiful summer day in New Orleans, and this one found me taking the Surly downtown for popsicles with S., S., and R. and then a tour around the Cabildo, learning a little New Orleans and Louisiana history. It was too cold too cold in there, so afterward we warmed back up in the sun before cooling down again with some iced tea–mine peppermint, hers black. We then lazily walked our bikes over to St. Bernard for the kick off event for VOTE: Voters Organized to Educate at Resurrection After Exoneration. Continue reading

Harmony Oaks at Toledano and Willow

I took a couple days off the bike, so it was especially nice to get back on and go spinning about town today. I headed up to campus for a meeting and some libraries and got that first whiff of back-to-school–love it! But it’s still summertime, so this evening I got on the bike and headed to Mid-City to meet friends for dinner. I passed the new Harmony Oaks development starting at LaSalle. Continue reading

Christ Church Cathedral at St. Charles and Sixth

Today’s ride took me down to City Hall for a meeting. I can’t really the terrible shape that building’s in. The restroom on the first floor has only one working stall, and that one’s got a plywood swinging door, no lock. I went to fill my water bottle from the sixth floor drinking fountain–until I noticed there was a big moldy growth over the drain. Yikes! Yep, that’s our public building where our public work gets done. Continue reading

Southern Recycling Scrapyard at Toulouse and N. Dorgenois

As you’ve now heard, tropical storm Bonnie has broken apart and storm warnings have been canceled and this is all the very best news for us. I took my bike, left my raincoat at home to tempt the fates, and headed to Mid-City to meet D. and M. for lunch. It was delightful to ride with some cloud cover and a completely free afternoon. Continue reading

The Edible Schoolyard at Samuel J. Green Charter School at Cadiz and LaSalle

Oh, man, it was hot today. When the cloud cover is light there’s simply nothing to do but feel the heat. Which I did, as I rode Uptown to meet R. for lunch. After a lovely meal with good food and good company I got on my bike–the hot seat reminded me of at least one good reason not to wear skirts and ride–and headed toward the river to help N. move something heavy. Continue reading

Kourtney Heart at the Ogden, From the Third Floor

Sometimes I worry that one day I’m going to get on my bike and the pleasure will be gone. And then there are days like this one: it was hot and thick out, so I packed my bag for the rest of the day and night, hooked in on the Surly, and went for a ride. I just love riding a bike. It was a sweaty day as I tooled around from a lunch date, an iced tea, the gym for its air conditioning, the museum, another coffee and a meeting, dinner, and finally home. I took this picture at the museum stop, for Ogden After Hours, Bounce Edition. Continue reading