Crumbling House on a West Baltimore Corner

It was another beautiful late winter day in Baltimore, sun shining and just a little bit warm, so I treated myself to a bike ride to campus. I had plenty of time, so after wooshing down the hill and taking a right and then a left through Bolton Hill, I followed some new streets through West Baltimore as I vaguely angled toward Arbutus. I was stopped at the light at Lafayette and Argyle, I think, and watched a little police profiling go down. Continue reading

Houses at Argonne & Lowndes

I was in Philadelphia for a couple of days, bikeless, so I was happy for the sunny and free afternoon to get a little pedaling in. I rode over to Old York Road through Waverly, Pen Lucy, and Govans to Belvedere to meet G. and B. for soup and sandwiches. I remember the first time I made this ride, straight up York Road on a 3 speed. This was much, much easier. Continue reading

Train Crossing at Clare & Kloman

I had a ton of work to do today, but I could see the slightly warmer air from my desk, and I just wanted to ride my bicycle–grrrrr, work. After finishing up what absolutely had to be finished up, I took the bike out for a ride. I was in the mood to listen to music while I pedaled, so I headed downtown to pick up the Gwynns Falls Trail where I could spin without watching for cars. Continue reading

The Sun Setting in the West From Druid Hill Park

I spent my day reading and writing, proposing and meeting, and when I got home, there was only one thing in the whole world I wanted: a bicycle ride. I put on some different layers and my bike shoes, brought along some music, and clipped in to pedal over to the park to do some mindless laps. Continue reading

Rating the Pleasantness of Touch at the Walters Art Gallery at Centre & Cathedral

Oh, it was another beautiful day in Baltimore, and I spent much of it in bed reading until finally the sun insisted I get my little self out and on my bike for a ride. I headed over to Hampden for brunch and then took the Jones Falls Trail toward downtown for a quick turn through the Walters Art Museum. Continue reading

View From Terrace Center Left, Row B, 113 at Meyerhoff Hall


I spent the morning with reading and writing, lunchtime with work, the afternoon with S., and the evening with myself. That’s when I took the bike, and we rode down to Mt. Vernon for dinner before settling into my seat for some music I don’t understand. It’s a surprisingly lovely day, made so much the better by the bike ride to and fro.

Pile of White Stuff Near 2250 S. Clinton

Oh, I needed a day just like today following this weekend’s trip. I had a wonderful time in New Orleans, no doubt, but it’s hard to go to a place that feels like home and realize you don’t get to live there anymore, especially when the place is so full of love. And then it was back in Baltimore, a few hours of sleep, and back at work, nary a moment to breathe and remember that we–me and my bike–live here now. Continue reading

The Gold Dusters at 3636 St. Charles


And then I got on a bike, took a right then a quick  right, a left then a right, and I was on Baronne, headed Uptown to meet C. and P. for parades filled with floats and bands and Metairie’s best dance troops. Oh, it’s good to be back home, or in this home, at any rate.

Parked Suburban at 26th & St. Paul


I didn’t have time for a bike ride today, but I did have time for a short walk around the neighborhood, and what did I see? A giant suburban parked in front of a curb cut, over a crosswalk. Riding a bike regularly and also driving and being a pedestrian means I have a sense of sharing roads and sidewalks. This isn’t how we do it. Sigh. Anyway, I miss my bike and won’t get to ride tomorrow either, but that’s because I will be flying to New Orleans. Oh my, but I can’t wait to ride around that city again! See you there!

Gates at 25th & Calvert

I had a long day of reading, writing, and teaching, but I had to have the energy to ride my bike just down the hill to Mt. Vernon–I mean what am I going to do, drive and park there? Please. It was a pleasure, though, because it mean meeting V. for dinner at that Indian place that smells like butter. We ate too much, swapped teaching strategies (what do you do when they start crying?), and then it was time to lug my exhausted self back up the hill to home. Continue reading