Governor Nicholls Street Wharf

I spent the day reading and thinking and doing my taxes, so by the time the evening rolled around, I was excited to get out of the house. I hopped on Rhoda and pedaled down to the casino to join N. for a free buffet dinner. Continue reading

The Everything Shoppe at Canal and Magazine

I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. That’s because last night I rode my bike down to New Orleans Arena for the Jay-Z concert, and it was so, so good. I mean, it was really ridiculously good, and I was so high afterwards, I just couldn’t get to sleep. That meant not a whole lot of biking today, but I took the Surly up to work and then Rhoda and I rode downtown to help S. do some packing for her move this weekend. Continue reading

Dwayne Boudreaux Reporting on Circle Food Store at the NOLA City Council Meeting

The Surly has been out of commission for awhile, through no fault of its own, but all is well now, and I was excited to put on my bike shoes, roll up my pants leg, and clip in to ride down to City Hall for the city council meeting this morning. Continue reading

Opening Night Reception for Ameriville at Southern Repertory Theater

Remember a couple of days ago, when I was waxing about how spring was clearly on the way, and how I was bragging about the sun heating up my back as I zipped around town in a tank top? Yeah. Well. Um. It’s winter again, which meant I piled on the layers for my ride downtown to volunteer as an usher at Southern Repertory Theater for opening night of Ameriville, by the theater company¬†Universes. Continue reading

610 Stompers at Saints 12th Man Fan Appreciation Party at Harrah’s

Oh, it was a beautiful day today. By force of habit I grabbed a jacket before heading out to work, but I didn’t need it. In fact, by the time I finished a busy day of teaching, meeting with students, and making copies, I was riding home in just a tank top, the sun heating up my back. Oh, man. I love that feeling. Continue reading

Old Ed. Smith’s Stencil Works on Camp Street Near Gravier

I was much looking forward to a bike ride around the Bunny Friend neighborhood with S. today, but the weather was menacing and we decided to postpone that particular ride. Of course the weather held, so after a lovely cup of coffee I rode my bike down to the Marigny to see if anything was afoot. Continue reading

Empty Lot at St. Charles and Louisiana

It was a perfect spring day in New Orleans (and yes, I know it’s only February), and I had no parades to go to, so I took my bike to a coffee shop where I sat outside and got some work done. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but it was impossible to stay there on this most lovely day. I wasn’t the only cyclist out enjoying the sunshine; Kate Hudson was walking her bike down Magazine Street, dressed as if it were much, much warmer than it actually was. Continue reading