Fish in the CBD

I have been incredibly busy at work lately, and it is cutting in to my blogging time, and my biking time, and I have not been happy about it. So after a long day at work today, I decided to spend part of my evening riding down to the Quarter on my bike to see some friends. Continue reading

Cricket at Tulane

Today was a beautiful day in New Orleans: mid-70s, blue sky, shining sun.  It was the perfect day for a bike ride, so I tooled around Uptown after doing some work on campus.  I saw these men playing cricket out on the lawn in front of the student center.  Continue reading

Shipping Container at Delachaise and LaSalle

Riding home from work today I passed this shipping container sitting outside a house.   This is a fairly common scene around New Orleans as people still have trailers in front of their homes and portable storage units are parked all over.  Continue reading

Bus Stop at Freret and Cadiz

Sometimes I really don’t understand the rebuilding priorities in this place.  There is so much to be done.  Just today on my ride home from work I passed a decaying house with missing doors exposing a moldy high chair, stacks of old newpapers, and a spare bike tire that particularly caught my eye.  Continue reading

Barack Obama Bus on Chestnut

I was riding up Chestnut on my way to work and saw this Louisiana for Change/Barack Obama bus.  Yes, the election is coming near, and the town is flush with lawn signs, lapel pins, and stickers.  Continue reading

Power Pole Repair on Marengo St.

I took a leisurely ride home from work today, eschewing the St. Charles Highway for smaller streets through Uptown.  I took a left at Marengo toward the river because it is one of the smoother side roads Uptown.  Continue reading