Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon’s Den

Lights in the Courtyard at the Dragon's DenIt is hot and humid in New Orleans, even though it is the end of October. I was sweating like June when I got down to D.’s place for our weekly TV date with J., R., and S. Afterwards a few of us hopped on our bikes and rode over to the Dragon’s Den on Esplanade near Frenchman to see and hear some music (unfortunately, our dilly dally-ing meant we missed the show). Continue reading

Phillies vs. Yankees at Burgundy and Conti

Phillies vs. Yankees at a French Quarter BarI got Rhoda some presents today. I stopped at the fabulously friendly and convenient Uptown shop, Mike the Bike Guy, and got her new handlebars (the right bar was finally rusting off after last year’s crash that bent it) and grips, a new front tire (that thing is so worn you can almost see the tube near the rim), and a new bottom bracket for my fender (ah, rust…). Continue reading

Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and Camp

Rubber Chicken and Clock on a Street Sign at Louisiana and CampSo I’m riding my bike back from dinner with K. and some grocery shopping when I pass this street sign at the corner of Louisiana and Camp. It is warning drivers to park for no more than two hours (my failure to follow this sign has resulted in some pretty hefty fines this month). This sign was also home to that bike from several weeks ago that had been locked up there for months and months. Continue reading

Set Painting at Tulane’s Dixon Hall

Set Painting in Dixon Hall at TulaneI rode my bike to work this morning, pumping as fast as I could, clocking a quick 12 minutes. I was excited–tonight was our big program event that we’ve been planning for two months, and I was ready to put that baby to bed. I needed to get some things from the theater department for our performer, so I rode over to Dixon Hall after office hours. Continue reading

No Trespassing at Baronne and Terpsichore

No Trespassing Sign at Baronne and TerpsichoreI spent a lovely day exploring the Barataria Nature Preserve with J., thinking it would be really nice to have a bike out there. Tonight, though, after a good bit of time spent repairing a flat and picking glass out of my front tire, I got to ride. I headed down to the Bywater to meet friends for drinks. Continue reading

Ship, Train, and Car at Poland and Chartres

Ship and Train Car at Poland and ChartresIt was a beautiful day in New Orleans today, perfect for riding around, which is exactly what I did after meeting D. for lunch in the Marigny. I rode out on St. Claude. That bike lane is still my favorite place to ride in the city. I turned on Poland and rode up and down, trying to figure out what that building was  (Poland Scrap Metal) and marveling at the strangely out of place post office. Continue reading

Rainy Uptown Street

Rainy Uptown Street The skies were ominous as I headed down to the CBD to pick up paper for our programs for the E. Patrick Johnson event on Monday, and then up to campus for a faculty meeting. But I wasn’t about to drive, so I got my raincoat and a plastic bag and headed out. It was the ride home that really caught me in a downpour. Continue reading

Old Stove on Dauphine and St. Philip

Old Stove at Dauphine and St. PhilipI rode my bike down to the Treme tonight to pick up some flyers for an event we’re organizing at work (you should come if you are in the New Orleans area! Next Monday! At Tulane!) and to see some friends. It was a most perfect night for a bike ride, and I needed to work out the kinks caused by a late afternoon coffee. Continue reading

New Construction on Annunciation Between Marengo and Milan

New Construction on Annuciation Between Marengo and MilanOh, this delightful fall weather! I put on pants! and a sweater! and rode my bike to work in the clear and sunny morning. I had a frustrating day–rather Kafkaesque, to be honest–but riding home in this weather let me work out some of the niggling irritations of copy machines that don’t work and mail that seems to be lost. Continue reading

T-Model Ford at the Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival

T-Model Ford at the Crescent City Blues and BBQ FestivalI’ve been off the bike for a few days due to a bit of a cold, but I had to pedal a little today. I’d planned a long ride, but then I got a call from A. B. had called her with two 50-yard line seats to the Saints-Giants game–could I be ready in ten minutes. Oh, yeah. Continue reading