New Orleans Public Library on St. Charles

Now that school’s back in session I find myself very, very busy.  Work is cutting in to my biking time, and also cutting in to my exploration of new routes.  I’ve been taking St. Charles largely because it is fast–it’s well-paved, wide enough to ride safely with cars (usually), and free of stop signs.  Whee!  Continue reading

Recess at Holy Name of Jesus School

Today in class I asked students to think about how we do gender as children in elementary school. Our reading talked about the ways that teachers enforce sex segregation in the classroom and on the playground–making teams of girls and boys for spelling contests, having girls and boys stand in separate lines, telling the boys to quiet down, “like the girls.” Continue reading

Meditation Walk in Audubon Park

Today’s bike ride took me to yoga and then back home, this time through Audubon Park.  Today there were cyclists, runners, walkers, dog walkers, and in-line skaters.  Tons of folks are out and about in the park at 6:30 on a Sunday evening, especially when it tastes like fall.  Continue reading

Loyola Men’s Basketball Team Photo

I rode my bike up and down St. Charles Avenue six times today, and it felt good to get out on the bike in spite of my cold.  On my way past Loyola and Tulane on trip number three I stopped to snap this picture of a photographer snapping that picture of the Loyola men’s basketball team.  Continue reading

New Orleans Math and Science Charter School

I am sick.  I have a cold.  I haven’t had a cold in a long time, and I’m no good at being sick, especially when it cuts in to my bike riding time.  But alas, I must take it easy and get myself back to healthy.  In the meantime I’m just riding to and from work.  Continue reading

Mural on Freret

I rode down Freret Street on my way home today.  This ride always reminds me of how uneven recovery and development is in this city.  Tulane’s campus is beautiful, of course, and Freret to Carrollton takes one by some really fancy homes.  Continue reading

Motorcycles on Tchoupitoulas

Yesterday’s bike accident, courtesy of the St. Charles streetcar and rain, meant that I had to do some bicycle repair today.  I managed to bend back my rear rim but needed N.’s allen wrench to get my handlebars back in shape.  Continue reading