Tiny House on Camp Street Near Napoleon

Tiny House on Camp StreetYesterday’s bike ride found me stranded on Bayou St. John in a serious, serious rainstorm. It was so bad I actually took a ride home. In a car. My touring bike is getting some quality time over there on Moss Street while I ride Rhoda. Continue reading

Lanterns on the Pedestrian Bridge at Bayou St. John

Lanterns on Bayou St. JohnI don’t know what to write today. I barely knew what to see today. It’s the fourth anniversary of Katrina, and I am acutely aware that I wasn’t here then. I was living in Hartford, Connecticut, trying to finish my dissertation, missing California, and hating the uncomfortable broken-down office furniture the college had moved into our furnished apartment. I wished I was home.  Continue reading

Power Pole at St. Claude and Marigny

Power Pole at St. Claude and MarignySometimes riding my bike just feels like flying. That’s what it felt like tonight, as I rode down to the Marigny to meet friends for drinks. I’d spent the day reading, thinking, writing, cleaning, and cooking, so when night came around, it was time to just fly. Continue reading

John Brown’s New Orleans Sidewalk Astronomy at Cafe du Monde

John Brown's New Orleans Sidewalk AstronomyTonight’s bike ride took me over to the Treme to watch some TV with D. and friends. The evening air felt oddly cool; it’s only August, and it already feels like fall! I’m sure it will warm up again, but I’m just a bit nervous that summer’s over. Continue reading

St. Thomas Housing Development at Chippewa and St. Andrew

Houses in the St. Thomas DevelopmentSchool in session has meant a whole lot more work. I fear my job is getting in the way of my mindless riding around town. Today, after my commute to and from work, I hopped back on the bike and tooled down to the Marigny for coffee and writing with S. I rode down Chippewa, through the St. Thomas Development. Continue reading

Agnes L. Bauduit Elementary School in Uptown

Agnes L. Baudit Elementary School in UptownToday was the first day of school. I love the first day of school. It is so full of hope and promise. Nobody’s behind on the readings yet, you get to go to the bookstore and ogle the selection. You get to see who’s in your classes and say hi to old friends. Continue reading

New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jeff Pkway Pedestrian Bridge

New Orleans Skyline From the S. Jefferson Davis Parkway Pedestrian BridgeYesterday’s ride took a lot out of me, so I must admit I wasn’t terribly looking forward to the ride down to D.’s in the Treme, though I was definitely hip to an end-of-summer grilling extravaganza, complete with key lime pie. God, I love key lime pie. Continue reading

Houses at Vicksburg Near Porteous

Houses in LakeviewI finished up some last-minute work on this semester’s syllabi yesterday and decided to spend the waning hours of my summer on my bike. It was surprisingly dry yesterday–N. said it was only 15% humidity–and the sky was blue, no thunderstorms threatening. Perfect. Continue reading

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph St.Today I rode up to campus along Prytania, enjoying its smooth asphalt. When it hits Joseph Street, you get to jog right or left, and the asphalt gets considerably bumpier, and the shoulder much smaller. As I tooled up to the stop, I noticed the cartoon stop sign on the house right in front. Continue reading

Rain at St. Louis and Burgundy

Rainstorm in the QuarterI rode my bike down to the Marigny to meet S. for coffee and then back up to work for a meeting early this afternoon. The sun was out and the sky was blue. Not so when I headed down to the Treme tonight. The sky was gray, but i though I might be able to outrace the storm. And I almost did. Continue reading