Pink and Blue Skies Over 36th & Roland Avenue

I spent the weekend in the car and on foot, camping with S. in Catoctin National Park, and aside from the rain and the Very Important Lesson I learned about using the rain fly even if the skies are blue, it was a most perfect weekend. Now that I’m back in Baltimore, though, I get to hop back on the bike. Continue reading

Crowds Gathered For Otakon 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center on Pratt Street

Today’s ride started with a walk down to the bike shop to pick up the Surly–man, this bike looks good. She’s got a new chain, new derailleur cables, new rear brake pads, new bolts on her rear rack, a new fender strut, and he’s shifting, braking, and whooshing like a dream. I decided to head down the hill to check out Otakon 2012. Continue reading

Baltimore Bicycle Works on Falls Road, Just Off Lafayette

Today’s bike ride took me down the hill to meet C. for a long-overdue lunch. Part of St. Paul was closed for road construction, and before I even got to Mt. Royal cars were starting their pointless honks, because when you’re in a car you just have to wait, but on a bike you can just skirt around, which I did, ending up on the other side of the construction all by myself. Continue reading

Corner House at Mayfield & Kenly

Today’s ride took me over to Lake Montebello for an easy couple of laps around before heading to the frozen yogurt place. I was feeling rather out of sorts, and it took awhile for the ride to put me back in. Near the end of the first lap I got off the path and rode around the surrounding neighborhoods a bit. Continue reading

Overgrown Lot and Empty Train Cars on Kloman Near Wenburn

I spent today getting back in the swing of things at work–researching, writing, planning, and scheming, and asking people with money to give it to me for my plans and schemes, probably my least favorite activity, though I’m fairly certain that my student group can spend your group’s money better than you can. And then it was time to get on the bike. Continue reading

Banana Car at Charles & Lafayette

I was off the bike for over a week, which ordinarily would make me lose my mind, but I spent this past week on foot, hiking around Glacier National Park, earning my Junior Ranger badge and feeling positively dwarfed by mountains and lakes and meadows and streams and all of that. Continue reading

Oil and Navy Ships From Canton Waterfront Park

I’m off on a walking and hiking vacation next week, so this Saturday found me busy as a bee, tying up loose ends before heading west. After writing a little of this and a little of that it was time to run Brompty down to the bike shoppe for her much-overdue one month check up. Continue reading

View From the East Side of Lake Montebello

I had a super long day at work, including a frustrating last hour and a half–it’s hard to advise students who haven’t been given the space to develop discernible interests–and the last thing I had the energy for was a bicycle ride. I had some errands I had to do, though, and they were all within a 2 mile radius, so there I was, on the bike–it’s just faster that way. Continue reading

Litter Pooling in the Tiny Lake in Patterson Park

As the guy stopped next to me at the light on 25th & Guilford said, 15 degrees cooler makes it almost fun to ride our bikes again, and it did. I headed out to run an errand and then just kept riding, enjoying the feel of a regular summer day. I zipped down the hill and over through Little Italy and Fells Point, through Patterson Park and over through Canton to Brewer’s Hill for some iced tea with my writing. Continue reading

Smoggy and Cloudy Skies Over Downtown From the Druid Hill Park Reservoir

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for, the day when it’s supposed to cool off a little bit, but then it started to look like we’d have to wait until tomorrow for that, but when I looked at the weather report, it was only 95 degrees out there, so yeah, that’s a cool down. I grabbed the Surly and headed to Hampden for a fancy brunch and errands. Continue reading