PJ’s Roastery on Chartres

PJ's Roastery on PetersThe weather predictors promised thunderstorms this afternoon and evening, but fortunately, upon checking the radar, I saw that I had a window of opportunity for a nice bike ride this evening.  The rain is pouring down as I write this, but it was warm and muggy and perfect when I headed out.  I took Jack, and went clipless, because I’ve got to get over the little niggling fear I have of being stuck to my bike.  Continue reading

House at S. Saratoga and Foucher

House at S. Saratoga and FoucherToday looked so lovely, and it was, but the wind was heavy on my ride home from school.  My legs are feeling tired lately, so I was taking it as easy as I could, pedaling lightly down Freret.  It is always surprising how different a ride down Freret is from a ride down St. Charles.  And they are only a few blocks away.  Continue reading

Church at Jackson and St. Charles

Church at Jackson and St. CharlesI’m continually struck by how quickly I adjust my sight and see only what I expect to see.  One of the reasons I do this blog is to force myself to look, really look, at what I pass as I ride my bicycle around town.  Being on a bicycle completely changes your relationship to the road, to your surrounding, to fellow travelers by foot, bike, motorcycle, car, horse-drawn carriage, bus, streetcar, and all the other ways we get around.  Continue reading

Blackout at Decatur and Iberville

Blackout at Decatur and IvervilleLast night’s storms were crazy.  The sky was bright with lightening and the rain just poured down, coming dangerously close to my door.  I watched the storm, and storm coverage, and finally went to sleep.  So when I was invited out and about tonight, I was frankly a little bit nervous, since the weather reports promised similar storms tonight.  I finally decided to head out on the bike with an extra pair of shoes and raincoat.  I mean, I can get wet, and my bike has certainly seen its share of showers.  Continue reading

Picnic Table at the Huey P. Long Bridge

Picnic Table at Huey P. Long BridgeIt was a stormy day in New Orleans today, but I had bike plans with my new riding buddy, C.  C. works at a bike shop in town, so I met her there, where she used her wily salesmanship to sell me my first pair of special shoes to go with Jack’s clipless pedal system.  I feel like such a grown up!  I was scared to fall, and C. promised me that I would, and that she’d laugh, but I was a natural.  Continue reading

General Beauregard Statue at City Park

General Beauregard Statue at City ParkLook at that sky–isn’t it beautiful? It wasn’t sunny today, but the overcast sky at dusk was it’s own sort of beauty, don’t you think? I spent my day writing and reading and then took Jack out for a long ride along Bayou St. John. I took this picture of the General Beauregard statue at the entrance to City Park at Esplanade right before setting off with the hopes of making it to UNO. It was such a nice evening for a ride–cool and breezy. Every time I looked behind me I saw my skirt blowing around in the wind, and I just love that feeling. But then the sun was down and the streetlights were off and my tiny headlight was doing the best it could, but it wasn’t enough to feel safe on the unpredictably rocky New Orleans streets. Continue reading

Cops on Bourbon Street

NOPD on Bourbon StreetI’m on spring break right now, and I keep expecting everyone else to be on spring break.  I know lots of college kids make New Orleans their spring break destination, so I also keep expecting to see Bourbon Street overflowing with them, even though it’s a Tuesday.  I mean, I was up for a nighttime bike ride down to the Quarter, and I’m definitely getting too old for such things.  Continue reading

Film Set at Barracks and St. Claude

Props at Barracks and St. ClaudeI’m on spring break and the weather is perfect.  That means bike riding, of course.  Today I tooled down to to the Marigny to meet some friends for coffee and reading.  But I was having such a good time feeling the sunshine and listening to music that I decided to zip up and down all the streets in the Quarter, which were virtually empty, before heading to the cafe.  It felt so good.  Continue reading

Super Sunday Crowds at Taylor Park

Super Sunday CrowdToday was Super Sunday–the day when all the Mardi Gras Indian tribes parade together–rescheduled after last weekend’s rainout.  The weather was perfect today–sunny and warm, with occasional clouds to cool us off.  I rode my bike toward Taylor Park and just followed the crowds.  And man, there were a lot of people.  Continue reading

Picnicking at the Fly

Picnics at the FlyIt’s the first full day of my spring break, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The weather was fantastic, so I went for a long ride along the Mississippi after a day of basketball, lunch, coffee, and reading. Yeah, rough life, eh? I was not the only person who thought the levee would be a nice place to toast this first day of spring (and my mom’s birthday–happy birthday, ma! Love you!). Continue reading