The Edible Schoolyard at Samuel J. Green Charter School at Cadiz and LaSalle

Oh, man, it was hot today. When the cloud cover is light there’s simply nothing to do but feel the heat. Which I did, as I rode Uptown to meet R. for lunch. After a lovely meal with good food and good company I got on my bike–the hot seat reminded me of at least one good reason not to wear skirts and ride–and headed toward the river to help N. move something heavy. Continue reading

Desk Chair Locked to a Traffic Pole at Freret and Napoleon

Well, it’s the day after the NFC Championship Game, and everybody’s still in their black and gold. I rode up to campus expecting an empty classroom at 9:30, but lo and behold, there they were, putting the desks in a circle and ready to talk about the gender politics of their Saints viewing parties. Continue reading

Du Mois Gallery at Freret and Upperline

I woke up early to gray skies and sound of rain on the roof. Ugh. I just want to ride my bike around in the warm, New Orleans sunshine! Sigh. I decided to just put on my raincoat and home for the best as I biked up to campus. Continue reading

Steps On An Empty Lot at Freret and Napoleon

Oh, the weather is warming up, and it is simply delightful. A week of sub-freezing temps is about all I can take. I had a zippy ride to school up St. Charles to meet my seminar students. I arrived a bit out of breath, donning my grown up clothes (right leg rolled up) and my bike shoes, still riding yesterday’s first-day-of-school high. Continue reading

I Love You Graffiti at Freret and General Taylor

It is really cold here in New Orleans. I’m just not used to this stuff. My poor little frozen fingers, clamped over the Surly brake hoods! I was just claiming it couldn’t possibly be too cold to bike. And it won’t be here in New Orleans, but shoot, it was cold out there today, and I’m going to whine about it! Continue reading

Foam Block Construction at Freret and Jena

New Construction on FreretIt has been raining like crazy and I’ve been crazy busy preparing for a trip to Los Angeles this week, which has been seriously putting a crimp in my riding and blogging. Continue reading

Abandoned Albertson’s at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.

Abandoned Albertson's at Jefferson Parkway and Tulane Ave.I got up this morning with a gleam in my eye. Because today, my dear friend K., picked up her new bike. And she wanted to spend the day riding all over town, stretching her legs and her new chain. Well, I’m certainly up for using my sunny Saturday afternoon like that, so I met her at the bike shop in the Quarter. Continue reading

House at S. Saratoga and Foucher

House at S. Saratoga and FoucherToday looked so lovely, and it was, but the wind was heavy on my ride home from school.  My legs are feeling tired lately, so I was taking it as easy as I could, pedaling lightly down Freret.  It is always surprising how different a ride down Freret is from a ride down St. Charles.  And they are only a few blocks away.  Continue reading

Bus Stop at Freret and Cadiz

Sometimes I really don’t understand the rebuilding priorities in this place.  There is so much to be done.  Just today on my ride home from work I passed a decaying house with missing doors exposing a moldy high chair, stacks of old newpapers, and a spare bike tire that particularly caught my eye.  Continue reading

Staircase at Baronne and Amelia

Today is a beautiful fall day in New Orleans.  In other words, it’s in the eighties and sunny, with clouds dotting the sky just enough to offer shade when you need it.  I rode my bike home from work today down Freret St. rather than St. Charles, and I’m glad I did.  Continue reading