Termite Tenting on Prytania

I am back on the bike after a long trip to Texas and a visit from a bike-less sister. I can’t believe how much it affected me to be off the bike. I haven’t felt quite right, and my timing has been off; it is as if I have been in the twilight zone. Continue reading

Abandoned Drug Store on Prytania

I have been out of town, without bicycle, for over a week, and it feels like forever.  It turns out I really *do* need to ride to feel right.  I have been away for good reasons to good places, but I was happy to get back on Rhoda today, if only for a task ride to the gym and back.  I recently moved to a tiny cottage behind a fancy house in the Garden District, and this has changed the complexion of my task rides.  Where I used to start out on bumpy roads passing an abandoned playground, I now start out on smooth roads passing fancy mansions.  Continue reading