Oak Tree in Uptown

I rode past this oak tree on my way back from the gymnasium this afternoon.  I love the oak trees in this town.  They are enormous, with branches spreading across streets creating canopies and umbrellas.  They are simply different from trees I’ve seen anywhere else.  I have heard from those here before The Storm that there were so many more oak trees, that some have been replaced, though most are lost forever.  I wish I could have seen them then.  There are still so many.  This tree caught my eye because it not only has the ubiquitous ferns and moss growing out of it–this place is a hothouse–but also small trees taking root.  The tree looks majestic from far away, but up close, the tree is also home to other ferns, moss and other trees.  There’s a whole ecosystem on that one arm of that one tree.  That’s the thing about this place–there is ridiculous life, everywhere.  It is best to keep your eyes open.  I’ll leave the questions about parasitism and dependency for another post.  Today was lovely.

3 thoughts on “Oak Tree in Uptown

  1. I always wish I could remember more botany–the more you know about a thing the more you enjoy it, right?–but can never keep both the picture of a tree andthe name of a tree in my head at the same time. Except with oak trees, since I visited you in nola. Amazing!

  2. This photo (1) reminds me of Florida, and makes me miss it actually, which doesn’t always happen and (2) makes me wonder one more time why I live in this city.

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