Contemporary Sculpture in Uptown

Much of what I see riding around New Orleans is either decay and loss or ostentatious wealth and nostalgia for the Old South.  Riding to lunch through Uptown today, though, I spotted this fully-out-of-place sculpture on the lawn in front of one of those mansions that mark the rest of New Orleans as so deeply impoverished.  I was noticing on my drive down State Street that every house looked similarly big, with the same huge wrap-around porches, the same Lexus SUVs in the driveways, the same white wooden rocking chairs ready to support lounging with mint juleps and cigars while planning Mardi Gras and debutante balls (or at least this is what I imagine when I see these places).  So this contemporary piece of what? public art? seemed particularly out of place.  I can’t say if I like it or not, only that I noticed it, that it made me stop, that it was, indeed, somewhat refreshing to see something in this neighborhood that doesn’t look like a longing for Dixie.

2 thoughts on “Contemporary Sculpture in Uptown

  1. These are the people who for some reason had a set of the Cristo golden gates of yaya whatever installed on the lawn for a while/for some big party, I think. I think the real richpeople streets of New Orleans are fascinating. They are certainly some of my streets of biking choice simply because they are so fucking remarkably smooooooooooth.

  2. Actually that sculpture is a well-known, symbolic testament to the brutality of Sherman’s march to the sea.

    Many NASCAR fans have it tatooed on their arms.

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