Storms Brewing Over Freret

I left my house this afternoon without a plastic bag to protect my things, including an incredibly rare thing–a hardcover book–that didn’t fit in my bag.   This is never a good idea in New Orleans in the summertime.  It was sunny as I headed to the gymnasium, but by the time I left, the thunder was sounding and I could see lightening in the distance.  I actually love these afternoon storms, though I think I can only love them since I’ve not been through a hurricane.  The sound doesn’t yet scare me, and I hope it never does.  I wish I’d seen New Orleans before the storm, the broken levees, the total flooding.  Who was here before?  What was here before?  What, or rather how, can I never see because all I’ve got are photographs from Before and During and Right After?  At the same time, though, I escaped something that haunts so many souls here and elsewhere, where so many are who can’t or won’t come back home.  But today I stopped quickly to snap this shot to mark that uncanny moment here where it feels like a sunny summertime but sounds and smells like a storm is coming.  Then I put my head down and pedaled hard, making it to S.’s in time to save my book.  One thing I already know about living in this place–nothing is safe.

3 thoughts on “Storms Brewing Over Freret

  1. Not being from New Orleans, and having a mild case of dyslexia, I initially read this as “Ferret” and was quite perplexed …

  2. kate! as i was picking up my repaired bike today it struck me… how WILL kate continue her blog whilst bikeless and on vacation???

    really, you should have warned your readers.

  3. p.s. wait! dude! this is totally fake!

    you were not in new orleans on july 3rd.*


    we need a wordpress exposé: what kate did *not* see while *not* riding her bike around new orleans today.

    * yes, it took me a minute to look at the date and realize that.

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