Central Park Reservoir

Sometimes riding a bike feels like an incredibly solitary event.  I’m alone, zipping along, often with headphones, always stuck inside my head no matter how much I’m focused on what I’m seeing.  Sometimes, though, biking feels positively communal.  Take today, for instance.  I rode over the Brooklyn Bridge, sharing with countless other walkers, runners, cyclists, and strollers.  I then rode up the Hudson River greenway–same thing.  I love sharing civic space–it feels like being part of a larger world even when I’m enjoying my solitude.

While I’m riding I’m often hopping off to take pictures, documenting my travels for my personal photo diary, and sometimes this is taken as an invitation to others to join in my game.  New York has proven a friendly place for this endeavor, with strangers literally taking the camera out of my hand to snap pictures for me–at the Brooklyn Bridge, FAO Schwartz, the Plaza Hotel, to name just a few.  This afternoon I asked some folks on this bridge in Central Park to snap a shot of me with my bike at the reservoir.  They were happy to oblige, provided I make the hand sign for western Australia, from where they hailed.  My pleasure.  The woman who snapped my photo was ridiculously excited, proclaiming her picture the best ever taken of me.  Why, thank you!  I told them I was visiting from New Orleans, and another used to live on Napolean and St. Charles.  We enjoyed that sense of mutual recognition out of place, swapped a couple of bar stories, and then I was on my way.  I spent the day alone, but in terrific company.

4 thoughts on “Central Park Reservoir

  1. First off, this will teach me to take a break from my blogroll. Kate, I had no idea you were in NYC. Welcome! Second of all, I always felt the notion that NYers are rude/unfriendly was a myth. I think that NY is just really interactive, so there are many chances for all types of interactions, including rude ones, and unexpectedly helpful and friendly ones. I do love talking to strangers though.

  2. I’m jealous. I’d love to give it a go in NY city on a bike. I haven’t been there since 1991. Shoot I’m old!

    The tourists sound very friendly. How are the natives?

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