It’s Hot and It’s Raining

I wanted a good ride today, especially after finally getting some writing done on a project that already feels a year overdue. I was in the mood for a reward ride, one sure to lead somewhere beautiful and/or strange, so I put on my blue dress and headed for the levees for a long ride along the river. But the weather has taken a turn in the last week. It was hot. And I mean ridiculously hot. And thick, the kind of heat that makes you gasp when you step outside. I had water, though, so I figured I’d just ride. And it was fine, at first, until I found myself pedaling against a hot breeze, as if I were stuck in that new Dyson Airblade. But I made it to the river where I paused on the levee and looked at the sky. The sky was a beautiful steely blue, part of a hot haze over the river, predicting storms to come. I turned off the river at Carrollton, figuring I’d wait for the rains to cool things off.

Well, I got my wish. It rained. A lot. I found myself stuck in it, in fact. Some days I like to ride in the rain, but not today. Today I just wanted to ride my bike freely, but instead I got two rides, each uncomfortable in their own special ways. This is summertime in New Orleans, I suppose. I best get used to it.

6 thoughts on “It’s Hot and It’s Raining

  1. I know how you feel. Downpours are not cute. Sprinkles? Yes. A generous spritzing? Ok. But buckets of water falling from the sky and soaking you to your skivies. Nope. Never will be cool with that. Even in the North GA, land of perpetual drought. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad we got the rain, but I’d rather the rain find the ground without my involvement.

  2. yes, you’re right, there has been a change as of late…the heat is gasp-inducing. and in addition when it’s a hot breeze it activates some instinctual ‘NO’…it’s brutal.

    nah, re. the car, it wasn’t even close today.

  3. If you only rode in good weather, this blog would be a lot less real and fun.

    My own riding rule is never to begin a ride in the rain.

    Once it begins pouring, I’m all about finding shelter and am way not embarassed about where I seek it – spent over an hour in a church once, though I prefer drinking establishments.

    Ride on!

  4. I remember that river. I also remember that long ride along that river. (Kenner to the French Quarter) Thanks for the post.

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