De La Salle Marching Band Practice at St. Charles and Cadiz

De La Salle Marching Band PracticeI was zipping down St. Charles Avenue after classes this afternoon when I heard that sound, that sound of Mardi Gras.  The bands are out practicing, because it’s Carnival time!  Today it was the De La Salle marching band including pom girls and the flag corps.  They weren’t making a whole lot of sound, but they looked excited.  Perhaps not as excited as I was, but that’d be hard to manage.  Watching the high school bands in the parades throughout Carnival is truly a highlight.  They are just plain fun.  But they also show the current segregated state of area schools.  Mardi Gras is a complicated sort of fun–my favorite kind.

More parades roll tomorrow, I hope.  The weather report shows a good chance of rain, which is always a mixed blessing.  Last year, the first Friday was a rainout, and I collected an awful lot of schwag since most folks stayed in.  But it just isn’t as fun without the crowded streets.  And I always feel sad for the high school bands, muddling many miles through the rain.  Hopefully the weather will look up.  Today was perfect–too bad we can’t bottle today for tomorrow.  Doesn’t matter what it’s like tomorrow, though; Rhoda and I will be there.

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