General Beauregard Statue at City Park

General Beauregard Statue at City ParkLook at that sky–isn’t it beautiful? It wasn’t sunny today, but the overcast sky at dusk was it’s own sort of beauty, don’t you think? I spent my day writing and reading and then took Jack out for a long ride along Bayou St. John. I took this picture of the General Beauregard statue at the entrance to City Park at Esplanade right before setting off with the hopes of making it to UNO. It was such a nice evening for a ride–cool and breezy. Every time I looked behind me I saw my skirt blowing around in the wind, and I just love that feeling. But then the sun was down and the streetlights were off and my tiny headlight was doing the best it could, but it wasn’t enough to feel safe on the unpredictably rocky New Orleans streets. I tried riding on the bike path, but it was in significantly worse shape than the newly-paved stretches of road. But of course that’s where the cars were. So I went ahead and turned around to head home. That’s when I realized that it wasn’t just breezy. It was downright windy. I shifted to an easy gear, but I still felt like I was battling just to stay upright in some of the gusts. While making this ride home I kept thinking how much safer I’d have felt if the streetlights worked and if the bike path was better paved and if I could trust drivers to be paying attention enough to see me and my bicycle, even on a road with no shoulder where bikes are rare. I ride my bike everywhere and anywhere at any time, but some lights and some lanes would sure be nice. Fortunately there is so much about riding in this city that is pure delight. I finally made it home, brought my bike inside, and felt grateful for another day on the roads.

2 thoughts on “General Beauregard Statue at City Park

  1. That is a fantastic shot. Nice work. Sometimes I have to remind myself to look up when I’m riding, but I’m always well rewarded when I do so. The sense of being fully in the midst of this giant space can be intoxicating.

  2. I am interesting in using this pictures as part of a mobile tour I am creating on City park, for a graduate class. I would cite you as a source. please contact me for more information.

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