Rain at St. Charles and Milan

Rain at St. Charles and MilanYeah, summer in New Orleans means water, lots and lots of water.  The air is thick with it almost all the time, and the skies can open up at any time and let down a torrent.  I was riding to campus today, all dolled up for the Oak Wreath dinner (congrats, fancy-pants graduating women, especially Lauren!) and then later the first meeting of my summer school class.  I was bopping along, in a good mood after turning in my grades this morning and getting my office all packed up for tomorrow’s move.  But then it started.  Drops, first, and then I swear I could see the downpour coming.  If I hadn’t had to look presentable, I’d have just kept on riding, but today I pulled over and ducked under an awning to wait.  Because the summer storms in this place are usually brief.  I watched as people out for runs kept on running, like the guy in this picture, and only some cars seemed to feel the need to turn on their windshield wipers.  I guess you get used to driving in the driving rain in this place.  A couple folks joined me under the awning, and one lit a cigarette.  I smoked a pack a day for almost fifteen years, so I know the power of that cigarette.  By the time it’s done, the rain’ll be stopped.  I haven’t had a smoke in over three years and am never going back, so now I just wait it out.  I got tired of waiting eventually, so I hopped back on Rhoda and rode as fast as I could, thinking on how many rides I’ll get to have, just like this one, all summer long.

One thought on “Rain at St. Charles and Milan

  1. Once again I have caught up with your going ons! I really enjoy your blogs and hope your knee continues to improve. Are you taking a trip this summer?


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