Sky Above Lake Pontchartrain

Sky above Lake PonchartrainToday is my 200th blog post.  That’s a lot of writing, and a lot of riding, my bike around, every day.  Today’s ride took me through so many different parts of New Orleans.  Jack and I set out from my Uptown house and rode through Broadmoor, a neighborhood actively still rebuilding from the levee break after Katrina.  I took a right through the B.W. Cooper public housing project, passing active construction and a snoball stand on one side, apartments that look like they should be condemned but are occupied.  A left on Earhart took me next to the I10 off ramp and then over to the bike lane on Jeff Davis.  I rode up Bayou St. John after a quick stop at a bike shop I’ve somehow managed to miss.  Wisner Boulevard took be to Lake Pontchartrain, where I snapped this photo from a bench on its banks.  Can you believe that sky?  That water?  I sat there and stared for a good thirty minutes, watching fish leap out of the water and jet skis mess up my view and men reel in fish that weren’t still on the line and water lapping on the cement steps leading down to the water.  Yeah, I thought, this is the life.  In ten miles I can see so, so many views of this incredibly interesting, beautiful, ugly, sad, peaceful place called New Orleans.  Here’s to two hundred more blog posts, and even more rides.

3 thoughts on “Sky Above Lake Pontchartrain

  1. Congrats on the milestone. I haven’t been to new Orleans since 1979, but I feel like I’m getting to know the city a bit through reading your posts.

    Keep it up, have fun and thanks for taking us along on your rides.

  2. Congratulations! Your posts make me nostalgic for my hometown; I moved to NYC in 2000 and haven’t been to visit since right before Katrina (my family has made a lot of trips up here in the interim). I used to bike a lot through the Crescent City on a Bottecchia I bought at Joe’s Bicycle Shop on Tulane Ave. and left on consignment at Bicycle Michael’s in the Faubourg Marigny (wonder if they still have it??). Can’t imagine what the city must look like with the bike lanes you describe; I think I’ll have to rent a bike the next time I visit to see for myself.

    Thanks for delivering so many beautiful vignettes!

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