Ironwork at Coliseum Square Park

Iron Something at Coliseum Square ParkOh yes, fall is in the air. It was warm when I rode to work this morning, hot when I rode home, warm when I rode to meet K. for dinner, and then a teensy bit chilly as we walked my bike over to the coffee shop afterwards. It is so, so nice. I’m usually riding, so our walk through Coliseum Park gave me a different view. I don’t ride through the park because the cement is actually worse than the street as this part of the ride. So even though I ride along this park all the time, I had never noticed these iron thingamajigs that line parts of the path. K. decided it was a very short phone booth, and bent down and answered her phone-hand in an effort to make her argument. I obviously wanted it to be a bike rack of sorts, and tried to figure out how to lock Rhoda up there. No dice. Somebody left some garbage in the tiny square at the bottom, but that’s just tacky. Littering is so not cool. So, anybody know what that is? Sometimes it’s nice to see what you can see walking your bike around.

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