First Quarter of the Fourth Race at the Fairgrounds

It was a warm 74 degrees on a perfect New Orleans Sunday. I slept late, but headed out to the track to meet some friends to catch some racing. The streets were fairly empty, especially since the Saints don’t play until tomorrow night. Until I hit Claiborne, of course. It’s Bayou Classic weekend right now, and the place is crowded with alumni and tourists. The game was yesterday, the Battle of the Bands/Greek Step Show on Friday, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see a parade getting ready to roll. I watched for a bit and then respectfully crossed the street and headed on my way. Now, going to the track on Thanksgiving is an old tradition here in New Orleans. A couple of years ago I went with friends and was shocked by the number of people there. Most days, however, the Fairgrounds seem empty, and even the folks who are there are sitting in the OTB, placing bets. Like any gambling place, it’s kinda depressing. I mean, gambling is a total set up, and one that preys on folks who can least afford to lose. Like most things in life that are incredibly problematic, gambling is also a whole lot of fun. The empty Fairgrounds meant once I locked up the Surly, I easily ran to the rails just in time to snap this picture of the horses running the first quarter of the fourth race. I had a lovely day, sitting in the sun, watching, listening, and feeling grateful I’d forgotten my money and credit cards at home. One thing, though–the Fairgrounds needs a few bike racks. There was barely room on the fence for all of us to awkwardly lean our rides.

One thought on “First Quarter of the Fourth Race at the Fairgrounds

  1. I can remember riding my bike to Les Bois, locking it up and going in to bet “Dancing Daddy” in the feature. May your luck always be as good as mine that day.

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