Bike Rack at Harry’s Ace Hardware on Magazine

It’s cold tonight. And rainy. There was talk of snow, but that was mostly just fantasy. Regardless, it meant I was driving downtown tonight. And for a party with other bikers. I figured I’d have to park a few blocks away, skulk in. But first, I had to ride my bike to my car. It was cold and rainy and dark, and I quickly locked up to this nice rack outside of Harry’s Ace Hardware on Magazine. The sign reads, “Bike Parking for Harry’s Ace Customers.” Well, I wasn’t a customer tonight. And it didn’t look like anyone else would want to use it. I decided to just go for it, park there even though I wasn’t actually a customer. And then I was wondering if they could really enforce such a rule. Can they really tell bikers they can’t lock up here? I do like, though, knowing this business arranged to have these racks put in. Three cheers for more bike racks, and thanks, Harry. I drove down to the bar for a party, got my cell phone stolen, and then drove back to the bike and back home, a bad taste in my mouth, hoping tomorrow goes a little more smoothly.

2 thoughts on “Bike Rack at Harry’s Ace Hardware on Magazine

  1. Regardless of whether they can or should enforce the rule that only their customers can use it, I just think it’s cool that a hardware store has bike parking. Bully for them. Around here, one is hard-pressed to find bike racks in the most expected places (e.g., on campus, at the locally-owned ice cream joint, outside the bowling alley). Pity that.

    • I completely agree. I would love to see bike rack sponsorship become a regular part of business-owning. When I go to coffee shops and there nowhere to put my bike…arrgh.

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