Foggy Park at Annunciation and Upperline

It has been raining. A lot. I have managed, by some miracle, to just miss the big downpours this week, but it has also meant no nice long rides without fear of deadly wet gravel, and no blogs. I went to pick up my bike from N.’s house, left when the skies opened up yesterday. It wasn’t raining tonight, but it was incredibly foggy. I stopped to try and take a picture of this playground at Annunciation and Upperline. The shots with a flash show nothing but water droplets (just like my glasses–the main reason I didn’t go for a longer ride). But I kind of like this glowing shot of the swing sets (sans swings) and covered picnic area. There are basketball hoops to the left and a new baseball diamond across the way. I went on googlemaps to get the cross streets when I got back home; they’ve still got the satellite images from a couple years ago. I lived across from this park when I first moved to New Orleans. Ad that wasn’t a baseball diamond; it was a small FEMA trailer park. It’s gone now, but not from the satellite picture, quite yet. And those swing sets? Still swing-less, but you never know.

One thought on “Foggy Park at Annunciation and Upperline

  1. Love the light in this picture.

    I find it kind of unsettling that Google maps’ street view images show all the post-Katrina mess…

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