Blighted House at Peniston and Dryades

Today was the first day of school for the semester. And as I told my students, after my birthday and the first day of school, there’s simply no other day I like more. It’s so full of promise! Nobody’s behind yet, there’s so much learning to be done, so much possibility. New Orleans is most definitely a good place to live if you’re hooked on possibility. Work meant back to the bike for the commute, and I was happy to get on the Surly and tool to work, especially now that its warmed up a bit. I zipped home in the warm sun to meet my sister for lunch (her visit is keeping me in the car–she’s the only one I’d most happily drive for) and stopped to snap a picture of this house on the corner of Peniston and Dryades. Now, I love riding down Peniston. It smooth as mirrors, and I feel freeeee racing down it. The repaved road goes by houses in all stages of dis/repair. This one looks like it was beautiful with its stone facade and large yard. But now it is empty, seemingly abandoned, overgrown. But there’s possibility there, like there always is when you’ve got a sky like that. It’s good to be back on the bike.

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