Voting Poll Sign at Austerlitz and Magazine

It was pretty much the perfect Saturday afternoon–sun shining, slight breeze, marching bands echoing all over. And it was election day! I hopped on the bike and zipped over to my old polling station where the Xavier Prep drumline was practicing, providing a festive soundtrack. But I’ve moved since I last voted, so I called a number, spelled my last name a few times (it’s Polish–I spell it a lot), gave them my birthday, and was redirected to a polling place over on Austerlitz. I happily voted after showing my driver’s license (we have to do that here?), and then snapped this picture of the oldest voting sign I have ever seen. I love voting. Love it. I wish everybody else did, too. We had desperately low voter turnout today, so low I wonder when we decide it doesn’t count as democracy. After voting I spent the afternoon following another parade around and the evening looking at tiny floats and then saying goodbye to the James Perry campaign–he fought the good fight. A day of mixed emotions, for sure, but I know this: the slow ride back Uptown in the cool darkness, a new (to me) song on repeat, was a perfect end to the day, as always.

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