Fleur d’Eden Rose Garden at 2111 Baronne

I woke up early to make the final day on the training with the Alliance for Biking and Walking with my fellow dedicated bike activists. It wasn’t easy on this Sunday to drag myself onto my bike and pedal over to OC Haley for more small group work;  my fatigue was showing, but it was a really useful wrap up session. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but I think we’ve also got some good plans coming out of the weekend too, and that’s fantastic. I sleepily pedaled home in the afternoon, looking forward to a nice nap. And then I smelled roses. I’m used to smelling jasmine ’round these parts (and secretly I find that scent a bit cloying), but not so much roses. I turned my bike around to check out the origins of the delicious perfumes and found this fantastic rose garden! Isn’t it wonderful? I travel down Baronne all the time–we’re talking at least four times a week–but today was the first day I smelled those roses and stopped to peer beyond the chain link fence and was just blown away. A little searching and I discovered this is the Fleur d’Eden Community Garden, founded and tended by Jeanette Bell, community gardener extraordinaire. Riding by her beautiful fragrant garden was one of the loveliest afternoon moments I’ve had in quite awhile, in a town full of lovely moments as a bike rider endlessly open to them. Thank you, Ms. Bell, and all the gardeners in New Orleans.

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