Wheelbarrows on Harrison in City Park

After a storm dropped buckets and buckets of rain on us (thanks for the ride to brunch, S. and J.!), I hopped on the Surly for a holiday afternoon pedaling around town. I headed for Bayou St. John and City Park to see if I could find some July 4th revelers, but alas, there were few. I think it’s true that most folks go out of town for the holiday weekend. Either that or the brutally hot temps were keeping people close to air conditioning. But I love riding in the heat, and today I was in the mood to sweat. I rode along the Wisner bike path, then along Lakeshore Drive, watching the Lake Pontchartrain waves lap against the levee steps. I headed back through the park using yet another bike lane!–this one along Harrison. I stopped to adjust a shoe and take a picture of these rows upon rows of wheelbarrows. Somebody really stacked these well, and the OCD parts of my personality were pleased by the sight. The rest of me, though, was happy to imagine all the volunteers who have and will use these wheelbarrows to tend to this most wonderful park. I had a lovely ride today, including a stop for frozen yogurt, some fireworks, some music and dancing, and then home again, home again. A simply perfect holiday.

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