Convenience Store at Canal and N. Peters

Three days away from my bike and I was itching to get on there and ride, heat advisory be damned. After getting some writing and researching done in the morning I hopped on the Surly and headed to campus for a quick trip to the library. Pedal, pedal, pedal, why is it so relaxing to ride a bicycle? I don’t know, but it just is, and it was good to be alone and on the bike again. (Though not everyone likes to bike solo–check out my good blog friend’s recent post about his new tandem design!) After a ride down to the Quarter I headed home through the CBD along N. Peters. I snapped this picture as I was crossing Canal. That convenience store is New Orleans tourism in a nutshell, selling liquor to go, our local praline candies, souvenirs, t-shirts, and PAIN AND COLD MEDICINE. I suppose after a long night of drinks-to-go and t-shirt swapping, that’s what you’re going to need. Me? I needed the frozen yogurt that will soon be swirling across the street from here. For today, it was enough to ride the rest of the way home for some serious rehydration.

3 thoughts on “Convenience Store at Canal and N. Peters

  1. I believe heat advisories are primarily intended to alert car drivers that they will need to crank up their AC higher, which will cause their cars to overheat faster, as they sit idling in traffic wishing they were elsewhere. The heat warning today in Phoenix was “Excessive”, which made for a great bike commute.

  2. Just posted a question at your sister’s site: What double feature did you, your sister and your “uncle” see at the Lincoln City movie theater in the summer of 1990.

    First of you to answer correctly wins a prize! (No penalties for wrong answers.)

    Clock is ticking!


    • Steve Jennings, as I live and breathe! Are you here to pester me into Oberlin again? I’ve a phd now–no more school allowed. Summer of 1990…double feature…gah! No idea. Was Indiana Jones II involved? Please say no. How are *your* twins doing? All grown up yet?

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